Who is CBMC?

CBMC is the oldest and largest marketplace ministry for men in the United States. We are men who desire to integrate our Christian faith with our daily life, including work.

What does CBMC do?

Since 1930 CBMC has been in the business of developing men as leaders in their workplace, their home, and their community. We explore such topics as:

  • What’s the real purpose of life?
  • Are Christianity and the Bible still credible after all these years?
  • How do I integrate my faith and work?
  • How can I be a better professional?
  • How can I develop myself as a leader at home and at work?

Why is this important?

We have discovered over the years that a common issue men face is that they live in isolation; they try to do it alone. It seems the older we get the harder it is to establish authentic relationships. Going it alone is okay sometimes, but when we face the twists and turns of life, two are better than one. When one falls another can lift you up. This is what the Christian faith teaches. At CBMC we strive to encourage men to get connected and stay connected in order to help you grow in your faith and do the journey of life together.

What kind of men are you looking for?

We welcome every man no matter what your background is or how much you know. We’re more interested in how much excitement you have for learning.

Can You Help Me with some of the Struggles I’m Having?

Chances are very good that we can, and more importantly, men involved with CBMC enjoy serving others. If you’re weighed down by challenges and obstacles in your life, there is a man nearby who would consider it an honor to draw alongside you to help point you in the right direction.

What about My Business Issues?

Whatever your current role in business, whatever you aspire to be, we will help you think biblically about it. Our primary objective at CBMC is to reach a businessman right where he is and help him become the man God designed him to be. That doesn’t come naturally for most of us, so we help each other mature into the businessmen God wants us to be.

I have thought about my faith but have not come to any resolution, is that OK?

Absolutely that’s OK. The fact that you know even a little about Christianity shows that somewhere, sometime, God was tapping on your heart. Just know this: there are CBMC men waiting for you to say… “Yes, I want to get connected to something and someone bigger than me!”

The History of CBMC

Historical CBMC Photo

CBMC began as Christian Business Men’s Committee in the United States in 1930, when a group of Christian businessmen coordinated a series of pre-Easter rallies. With the Great Depression in its second year, these men saw a need for a spiritual revival in the Chicago area, and a six week evangelistic crusade was held at the Garrick Theatre, located in downtown Chicago. Public response from the first meeting on January 6, 1931, was overwhelming. Crowds regularly packed out the over 800-seat theater. The noon, weekday meetings soon were extended beyond the scheduled six weeks into six months, then one year. Eventually, the six weeks grew into 26 years as the meetings continued uninterrupted until 1956. 

Another indication that CBMC was gaining traction from its inception was that similar groups were being started in San Francisco, Seattle, and several other large cities throughout the country. These separate groups linked together and established CBMC in 1937.

Historical CBMC PhotoFive men, Charles E. Gremmels, Arnold Grunigen, C.B. Hedstrom, Dr. N.A. Jepson, and R.G. LeTourneau, comprised the steering committee selected to direct the CBMC ministry.

In 1938, the first CBMC international conference was held in Chicago, seeking to bring men from committees around the world into closer fellowship and mutual commitment. Our headquarters was located in Chicago, but not until 1953 did we purchase our first building. During the next 25 years, the administrative center of the ministry was in Chicago. In 1978, the center relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

As the years passed, our work spread throughout the world, into Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, India, and more, over 60 nations in all.

We wrote Operation Timothy, a unique program of Bible study designed primarily for one-on-one training, in 1970. It has become a vital tool for helping men along the path to spiritual maturity and equipping them to grow in their faith.

We underwent a significant reorganization in 1973, with autonomous CBMC organizations being established in individual countries to better deal with linguistic and cultural differences. Although these CBMC bodies have independent governing powers, an International Board of Directors oversees the work around the world, seeking to pool effective strategies and to show how they can be adapted in differing national environments to successfully expand the reach of CBMC.

In the 1970s and 80s, we began to recruit full time staff throughout a number of U.S. cities. The grassroots of the ministry continued to flourish with this increased attention and help.

Today, CBMC has grown from a small group of men in Chicago to over 18,000 members in 700 teams across the United States. Worldwide, CBMC is active in over 70 countries with over 50,000 members total. Our methods continue to evolve to reflect the circumstances of modern men, but our purpose remains the same: to integrate our Christian faith with our daily life, including work.

Become a CBMC Network Member

An easy next step to get more involved with CBMC Boston is to Get Connected With CBMC by following this link: https://www.cbmc.com/membership.

By joining this network we will help you Get Connected locally in The Boston community. You will receive periodic updates and become part of an organization that is located in 260 cities in the US plus 92 countries around the globe that you can draw upon whether you’re traveling for business, relocating, vacationing or just passing through. You will receive updates on the Boston ministry and there are no costs to join.

We’re looking for men who have an interest in knowing what it means to live for someone and something greater than themselves; guys who want to become the man that God designed them to be. Whether you’re searching for something and not sure what, wondering what your next mountaintop experience might be or maybe you know Jesus and the truths of the Bible and are looking to connect, we strongly encourage you to join us. Would right now be too soon?